Hello Wassaic!

Wassaic_Anna_Sörenson_2013_16 Greetings from Wassaic, New York! Spring has sprung and I am happy to be an artist in residence at Wassaic Project. I am settled in to my studio space in the Mill, a beautiful mill in the middle of this little town. I am working on some new projects, building on ‘General Government Issue’ and ‘Your application is Pending’. I also creating ‘Index of Intimacy, II’, if I can remember how I saw together the artist book and make it as beautiful as the first, witch the artist and bookmaker Kelly McCafferty helped me with in Vermont. Anyway, enjoy some pictures from this beautiful place and stay tuned for more art!

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  1. Stephen Chappell

    Did you know that a lot of your images on your site are broken? I’d love to see this work, but none of the images are working. 🙁



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