Your Application is Pending, Brussels, 2014

Brussels, September, 2014

Brussels, September, 2014

As a result of my one year long research program in performance art I got to preform my role as The head of the Department in my graduation exhibition ”The Departments of Anna Sörenson.”  We where three artists presenting our work in the exhibition ”Thresholds” at a.pass, Brussels. Due to the generous program I could publish ”The Therapy Sessions” and got the whole floor at Bottearlij to set up my departments. I had great help maintaining my institution, thank you, Nicolas Galeazzi, security guard, Dep. of Love, Viktoria Myronyuk., Dep. of Desire, Damla Ekin Tokel and Dep. of Bad TV Stef Meul who made the bureaucratic work run smoothly.  Also thank to Steven Jouwersma our photographer and technician!

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