Therapy with a Bureaucrat

Skärmavbild 2014-03-10 kl. 06.37.19

When entering the persona of the bureaucrat I was faced with the struggle to master the psychological implication of complex situations where the bureaucrat cannot escape a set of contradictory rules. In order to analyse the enigma, how we relate to rules in society I used my bureaucrat-character as an example, and staged The Therapy Sessions (2014). The focal point of the piece was the improvised dialogue between, the bureaucrat, and the certified therapist, Magnus Ivarsson.

The sessions were improvised and with the therapist Ivarsson was playing the part of a therapist, I acted out my experiences from the collected work of Your Application is Pending and The Analogue Database. In an existential and critical debate, the bureaucrat is required to answer to the societal constrains of my persona’s work moral. The sessions provide an insight to the bureaucrat’s emotional disturbance, servicing humanity in a sometimes commanding, controlling and dominating manner. The final piece in The Therapy Session is the introduction of The Analyst and raises the question of what analysis is and can be in the bureaucratic setting. After the data from the sessions, the documentary film, the transcripts and the audio file has been gathered, I let my bureaucrat become the surveillance monitor. As the analyst, I drew diagrams, concluded and illustrated the emotional patterns of the bureaucratic persona, from interviewee to interviewer back to interviewee, formulating the essence of my own work in a collection of pencil drawings. The analyzed material became the installation The Surveillance Room, where the viewer themselves can assume the role as the analyzer in the surveillance setting.



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