Suitcase Paintings, 2012

Suitcase Paintings

Suitcase Paintings, exhibit at WIP konsthall , February 2013

In May 2012 I proposed my project ”Suitcase Paintings”, where painting, context and the function of art was questioned by moving the painted object outside the gallery space. 10 paintings went traveling this summer, all to different locations and with different people.

With the collaborative project Suitcase Painting the outcome became an artist book, with graphic design by Christian Lindquist and an exhibition at WIP Konsthall 2013. Every one who collaborated is acknowledged in the book with their names, their destinations and their pictures. It felt important that the catalog was distributed for free, because it meant that it became something everybody could take home. My aim was to bring art to a space where everybody could access it, to be something my friends and I could share and experience together. The catalog is now available at the Japanese on-line bookstore Vermikko Books.

Explore the pictures that the travelers send me:

#1 Mirjam Blidö traveled to Virginia

#1 Mirjam Blidö_Anna Sörenson_Suitcase Paintings_04

#2 Erin Lantham traveled to Oklahoma

#2 Erin Lantham_Anna Sörenson_Suitcase Paintings_08

#3 Hiba Schahbaz Lotia traveled Boston (4th of July)

#3 Hiba Schahbaz Lotia_Anna Sörenson_Suitcase Paintings_03

#4 Anthony Caradonna traveled to Italy

#4 Anthony Caradonna_Anna Sörenson_Suitcase Paintings_04

#5 Erica Quinn traveled to White Haven, Santa Fe and Philadelphia among other.

#5 Erica Quinn_Anna Sörenson_Suitcase Paintings_18

#6 Yiji Hong traveled to Amsterdam and Copenhagen

#6 Yiji Hong_Anna Sörenson_Suitcase Paintings_13#7 Doran Schmaal traveled to Amsterdam

#7 Doran Schmaal_Anna Sörenson_Suitcase Paintings_04

#8 June Kim traveled Woodstock and Mount Dessert Island

#8 June Kim_Anna Sörenson_Suitcase Paintings_25#9 Lucia Oceguera traveled to Mexico

#9 Lucia Oceguera_Anna Sörenson_Suitcase Paintings_09#10 Anna-Mikaela Ekstrand traveled to Ibiza and Sweden


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