Quality Control, collaboration with Lia Forslund, 2015

IMG_8536Lia Forslund’s final project in Critical Writing at Royal Collage of Art in London opened up a new way of collaboration.  In her project we meet four quality controllers; their process, decision making and relationship to risk, all of them from four different countries with four different minds. Their stories became a body of research placing the discipline of Quality Control outside of its own realm. By combining portraits and critical analysis the reader is introduced to Quality Control in a somewhat different fashion, unveiling the previously untold story of the Controllers everyday.

In the exhibition the viewer will see four diagrams, each diagram is a portrait of a thought process. In the archival shelf one can find the tools to read and recreate the stories stepping into the frames of four different models of thinking. The drawings are made by me as interpretations, in collaboration with the primary research conducted by Lia Forslund.

IMG_8539 Sverige_fiskbens diagramIMG_8525

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