Murals at Mantaray Films and Mimosan Montessori, 2018

The wall is 2,33 m x 4,10 m, painted with acrylic wall paint, 2018.

My first mural painting in Mantaray Films’s Producers Office has been great summer project. I love working straight on the wall and create site specific works. Ever since I worked for Pat Steir, assisting her wall painting installations at Sue Scott gallery, and Anthony Sansotta, artist, director of the Sol LeWitt Estate and long-time assistant to LeWitt, I have wanted to create my own site specific paintings. Because it brings the painting into a milieu, it makes the work less of an object and more a part of the everyday environment, something more approachable and direct.

Mural at Mimosan Montessori, Lidingö, Stockholm, 2018

Mimosan is an excellent, pedagogical environment for our smallest citizens. In the ”Cloud Room”, with cloud shaped sound mufflers in the the ceiling and a rainbow colored carpet my layered shape found an perfect home.

This mural is panted on a warm grey, or purple grey wall, which also facilitated the white layer with confetti sprinkles. All layers are painted with acrylic wall paint with details drawn in posca pencil.