The Analoge Database

Dep. Defense. E. Rosman

The Analog Database is an archive consisting of personal files of everybody interviewed during my performance ”Your Application is Pending.” In the file I gather application forms and transcriptions of the content of their interview together with a small watercolor portrait. The file as identification, is the file not very useful, it is not informative nor very similar to the real person. It is rather an archive of pointless knowledge, dreams and memories of semi-fictive characters. For me, an archive is an image of a society that wants to control their citizens, with a need to order information and create systems. My files are like a shadow archive, a reflection of the bureaucratic labyrinths and the mechanical production of information. I also want to bring forth the aspect of labor and how we value an endless task without purpose. There are currently over a 100 files in the Analog Database.



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