”Thresholds” in Brussels: ”The Departments of Anna Sörenson” on display

"Surveillance Room"

”Surveillance Room”

Thank you everyone that came to ”The Departments of Anna Sörenson” in the exhibition ”Thresholds” at a.pass in Brussels. I had the most beautiful interviews I every had, great feedback and can’t wait to show my work at Candyland in Stockholm! See you 14th of November!

Thank you; Nicolas Galeazzi, security guard, Dep. of Love, Viktoria Myronyuk., Dep. of Desire, Damla Ekin Tokel and Dep. of Bad TV Stef Meul who made this collaboration so beautiful! Also thank to Steven Jouwersma our photographer and Camila Aschner Restrepo, collaborator in ”Thresholds”. I am also so happy we could publish ”The Therapy Sessions”, you can pick up a copy on Candyland or just send me a message, thank you a.pass for publishing it!

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