Apocalypse, opening the January 14th at Ed Varie, Los Angeles

Apocalypse, 2016, collage on paper, 56 x 42,5 cm

As an artist duo we create all the work together. Sometimes like a piano duo playing the same instrument at the same time, and sometimes assembling a suggestion for the other to revise, adjust or redo. The process is full of surprises and joy, resulting in a final state that we agree upon, and where we glue the image down. We call our method post-digital painting because even though the individual pieces are painted our composition process look much more how an artist would work in Photoshop; changing out a background, move an entire composition around and creating new layers. We are not only inspired by the digital as a method of working but it also inspires us visually; mixing video game aesthetics with glitches, abstract geometrical forms, pixel thin lines and high saturated colors.

We are pleased to present Apocalypse, an exhibition at Ed Varie, Los Angeles. Opening reception for Apocalypse, will be held Saturday January 14th, 6-9pm at the Los Angeles Ed. Varie location, 4516 1/2 N. Eagle Rock Blvd, LA, CA, one block north of York Blvd.