Stockholm opening for ”Tiny Mountains”, An Ordinary Day Film Festival 14-19 August

Rydh /Sörenson is proud to announce our Stockholm premiere for 2018 short film ”Tiny Mountains”.

Tiny Mountains is a mockumentary comedy short. A narrator explains the different time periods the world has gone through. We touch down at each geologic period to see how the world differs from the past. We learn how living creatures like plants, furniture and horses coexist in the ecosystem. Finally, we make a deeper study of the person, an unusual creature with particular wants, needs and habits.

Run time 07:55min, recorded in the Faroe Islands, Denmark and Cesis, Latvia.

Visti An Ordinary Day Film Festiavals Schedule

Or just go to: Studio 44, Tjärhovsgatan 44, 16th of August, 4pm-21 pm or 19th of August, 4pm-9pm

Still from ”Tiny Mountains”

We are also proud to announce that Environmental Ephemerals- the Book is now available on   Vermiko Books, a Japanese independent bookstore, available online.  You can read ”Small 10 Questions” that founder Setsuko Hori did with me during our stay in Japan and also purchase my catalogue ”Suitcase Paintings”.

From ”Environmental Ephemerals- the Book”

From ”Suitcase Paintings”