I See Water

filmnewyorkLike explorers in the past, looking through their binoculars to discover new land, we composed our video “I See Water” to mimic the look of the two binocular peepholes. What does it mean to be a traveling artist and what is a traveling artist looking for?

Generations of artist before us that have traveled and studied their environment by painting it, drawing it and photograph it, to understand the where in the world we are, describing what they see and feel. A complicated task where the artist sometimes takes the role of an outsider or even worse; a colonial explorer calming what he see as his discovery.

When Rydh/Sörenson travels, we dwell in the landscape we are in; we talk about what we see, then, we look again. How can we really understand where we are? What are the specifics of this site, if we as artists work site specific?

The right part of the video is filmed in Washington State and the left part in Idaho during our travels in the USA.

”I See Water” was first showed at Beverly’s New York, curated by Ed Varie, as a one night only event during NADA artfair.

Rydh_Sörenson_Ed Varie

View our exhibition ”Float” on video!

Rydh/ Sörenon are proud to announce that our exhibition”Float” is captured on film by the talented videographer Joshua Thomas, JayNW productions!

”Float” is a collaboration between Laboratory Artists-in-Residence Daniel Rydh and Anna Sörenson and Saranac artist Kurt Madison. The exhibition is on display at Saranac Art Projects, Spokane, WA, USA, during the month of April, 2016.

Pink Shift, Mount Spokane a new Environmental Ephemeral by Rydh/Sörenson

Pink Shift, Mount Spokane, 2016. Documentation of Environmental Ephemerals.

Pink Shift, Mount Spokane, 2016. Documentation of Environmental Ephemerals.

Here are Daniel Rydh and I out exploring Spokane and our delightful surroundings. We will be  artist and residents at Laboratory until the end of the month. It’s wonderful to be out in a new area and experiment with new work. We created  a new piece in our series ”Environmental Ephemerals” on Mount Spokane, this one called ”Pink Shift, Mount Spokane”.  We are proud to announce that we’ll be on local radio on Thursday, and this weekend we are going to Seattle!

Opening of ”Float”, Friday April 1st, 5-9pm at the Saranac Art Projects


Float Saranac_posterNew Work by Laboratory Artists-in-Residence Anna Sörenson and Daniel Rydh and Saranac Art Projects member Kurt Madison.

We invite you to come this April to the Saranc Art Projects to play with light, shadow, and color, as Laboratory artists-in-residence Anna Sörenson and Daniel Rydh partner with member Kurt Madison to create an immersive installation showering our space with a jubilant spectrum of reflections and refractions. An interactive piece, we encourage you to come and work with the piece and the artists, and explore how light and color can envelop, attack, and shape a space.

Laboratory Spokane


Rydh/ Sörenson experimenting in our studio at Laboratory, Spokane.

We are currently in Laboratory residency in Spokane, WA working on new pieces for our upcoming show together with local artist Kurt Madison. Spokane is a beautiful city and Alan Chatham, director of the program has introduced us to many great artists and cultural profiles. We hope that as many as possible can make it to our show at the Saranac Art Projects opening Friday, Aril 1st.

Opening at OPUS and new works

PowerPoint PresentationI am happy to be a part of OPUS project pace spring group show. Opening is March 3 at 7:30, 526 W 26th Street #705, come by, I will be there showing new pieces from the Neverending Book.

During December 2015 and January 2016 I was a part of the exhibition ”Blomma,” a in house exhibition curated by Carolina Hindsjö, showing art by the staff at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. The exhibitions theme was flowers and the work I showed was a series I call ”Frön i världen” (Seeds in the World.)

Daniel Rydh and I have been working with our collage series ”Little Lights and Landmarks” and here is the latest work in the series. We are now taking off to the US, for some much needed vacation, inspiration and artistic practice!

Little Lights XL and Landmark Notes

Little Lights XL

Little Lights XL, Collage on paper, 137 x 126 cm

Daniel Rydh and I are happy to present new works in our series ”Little Lights and Landmarks.” We have now created our largest collage, 136 x 127 cm, and we sure hope there will be more in the future. We also have a small scale series ”Landmark Notes,” in the handy A4 format.

Soon it is time for us to go traveling; to New York and Spokane, Washington! First upcoming show will be at Saranac Art Projects, April 1st, Spokane, followed by New York in early May.

Little Lights, no  7, Collage on paper, 70 x 50 cm.

Little Lights, no 7, Collage on paper, 70 x 50 cm.

Little Lights, no 8 , Collage on paper, 70 x 50 cm.

Little Lights, no 8 , Collage on paper, 70 x 50 cm.

Little Lights and Landmarks

Little Lights 05

Little Lights, no 5. Collage on paper, 70 x 50 cm.

Little Lights and Land Marks is collage series made by the artist duo Rydh / Sörenson. As an artist group we work with installation indoor and temporary installations outdoors. Our three-dimensional work inspired us to work on paper, exploring light, color and composition together. We titled them Little Lights and Land Marks inspired by our light installations and our temporary works in nature. All the works are watercolor on paper.

Rydh/ Sörenson wishes you a Happy New Year!

Brussels 2015_1 We are wishing you a Happy New Year by sharing some installation shots from our exhibition at Ten Weyngaert in Brussels, Belgium. We had a great year 2015 and looking forward to 2016: our residency and exhibition at Laboratory in Spokane, Washington,  a group show in New York with Opus Project Space and many more surprises. We hope to see you in 2016!

Brussels 2015_2Brussels 2015_3