New work ”Night Maps”, after John Cage’s ”Fontana Mix”

Night Map 150 x 150

Night Map, 2015, pencil on paper, 150 x 150 cm

In 2014 I made a series of drawings based on John Cage’s Fontana Mix. The original Cage piece is four images printed on transparent paper. The four images, a grid, a line, dots and something that looks like a topographic map, can be placed on top of notes to interpret music, or a text for a different read, as a suggestion.

I placed the images in a photocopy machine so I could enlarge or repeat the image, lay them on top of each other and copy them on to different paper. As I went, I added a bit of drawing, creating new images. The drawings became a series of symbols, a project I call Fontana Mix Photocopy Machine Drawings and they also turn out to be a toolbox for the next project.

Inspired by Cage’s music, sound pieces and concepts I used the small photocopy drawings to create the Night Maps. Using the photocopy-drawings like symbols, repeating them over and over, (placed on a square paper, with a clear center and in a drawn circle) I wanted to make the drawings to have a sensation of movement. Like a record, like something that could be turned around, spin, come back and start over. I started to see the repeated symbols like notes in music, as the core of the composition, that also can be repeated, become silent, fade away, always depending on who is playing them, where and how. I call the body of work Night Maps, as the black and white drawings can be viewed as maps to navigate the silent music of symbols.

”Drawing Dialog Pieces”, new exhibiton with Ingrid Ogenstedt

färdigWelcome the 19th of Decemeber! Ingrid Ogensedt and I will exhibit in Stockholm!

Welcome to Cigarrvägen 13 den 19de December!
Opening kl 5pm, open 20-21 Dec  kl 1-4 pm.

Anna Sörenson and Ingrid Ogenstedt work with concepts created by the composer and artist John Cage. Ogenstedt is based in Bremen, while Sörenson lives and works in Stockholm. When Sörenson visited Ogenstedt in Bremen, the two friends discovered they had been working in parallel with Cage’s concepts of art and originality, in pencil on paper.

Anna has been working with drawings based on John Cage’s “Fontana Mix.” “Fontana Mix” is four images: several dots, a grid, a line and something that looks like a topographic map. Cage introduced the images a model that one could use to interpret music with but also art and literature, by printing the images on a transparent sheet they can be placed on anything for a new interpretation. During an exhibition project in Brussels, Sörenson produced approximately 20 drawings with a copy machine, pencil and paper. The drawing became an alphabet of symbols that she used to construct the larger drawings.

Ingrid works with the concepts around Cage’s interest in the biological nature of mushrooms, how he has used foraged mushrooms and the mushrooms’ mycelium as a metaphor for how creativity works, patterns of though processing and how concepts evolve. Her older work has been shown in Bremen during the John Cage Day, where two projectors showed photo collages depicting various circle shapes, some of them “fairy rings,” where mushrooms grow in circles.

Together they have used their older work as common ground, and during a period of three months produce new work. The work is now presented in Stockholm at “Ciggarvägen Tretton” and has already been shown at “Immigration Office” in Bremen. This exhibition is a dialog between two artists, two friends and two cities.


Opening at Candyland 14th of November!

Session 3_stills_2”The Departments of Anna Sörenson”  
Vernissage fredag 14 november 2014 kl 17–22
Öppet fredag–söndag kl 13–16, tom. söndag 30 november.
Gotlandsgatan 76, Stockholm. Buss 3 och 76 till Gotlandsgatan eller tunnelbana till Skanstull.

Press release:

We believe in power. Everyday we face power structures and we view them as natural boundaries of reality. We realize that some of us have more power than others, that power is something a lucky few get to have temporarily but that power also can be captured. In any case we expect power to be tied to responsibility and duty, that power would naturally subordinate the human needs and sensibilities. But is it that really how power operates?

The main topic, as I see it, in Anna Sörenson’s conceptual art piece “The Departments” is power. Since 2012 has she staged her performance “Your Application is Pending” (in Stockholm, Brussels, Miami) where she invites the audience to take part and with their contribution they themselves lay the ground for the logic of the procedure and the following analysis. To exercise power needs a clear set of roles and therefore constitutes collaboration.

The advantage in staging the mechanism of power in the context of an art exhibition is that no one will be hurt. But Anna Sörenson’s work shreds light on how something that looks like a ordinary situation truly engage us in a power play, where every one who takes part is ordering themselves in the power structure, whether he or she wants it or not.

Come and get a taste of power at Candyland the 14th of November!

Jean Ploteau

Born and raised in Stockholm, Anna Sörenson received her BFA from Umeå University in Sweden. In 2012, Anna received her MFA from Pratt Institute supported by her Fulbright Scholarship. 2014 she graduated from a.pass, a yearlong post-master program in performance art in Brussels, Belgium.
She assembled her first solo exhibition in the fall of 2012, at Ed Varie in New York City and has exhibited her work in Stockholm, Brussels, Berlin, New York and Miami. She currently lives and works in Stockholm.

”Thresholds” in Brussels: ”The Departments of Anna Sörenson” on display

"Surveillance Room"

”Surveillance Room”

Thank you everyone that came to ”The Departments of Anna Sörenson” in the exhibition ”Thresholds” at a.pass in Brussels. I had the most beautiful interviews I every had, great feedback and can’t wait to show my work at Candyland in Stockholm! See you 14th of November!

Thank you; Nicolas Galeazzi, security guard, Dep. of Love, Viktoria Myronyuk., Dep. of Desire, Damla Ekin Tokel and Dep. of Bad TV Stef Meul who made this collaboration so beautiful! Also thank to Steven Jouwersma our photographer and Camila Aschner Restrepo, collaborator in ”Thresholds”. I am also so happy we could publish ”The Therapy Sessions”, you can pick up a copy on Candyland or just send me a message, thank you a.pass for publishing it!

Department Reports

The Departments has become a great platform for collaborations! The Porridge Society as a part of Department of Porridge, a collaboration with Rares Craiut, that some of you might be familiar with, is planning our next Porridge Dinner in August, we will also soon have our on-line application ready on our website.

The Department of Desire has recognized the ”Public Disengagement Clinic” in full operation. We are happy to support the President of Operation, Dr. Damla Ekin, in her practice.

The Department of Bad TV is working together with the President of Censorship, Mr Stef Meul to index the wild range of existing media.  How bad can TV be at it’s worst? What is the worst TV you ever watched and how bad watching Bad TV be?

Visit our ongoing Bad TV archive and like us on Facebook.

Thank you ”Youme Haus” for the having me in the group show ”Double Take!”


I am so happy I was able to show ”The Analog Database” at Youme Haus in Williamsburg in April. ”The Analog Database” is the third part of my Department series.

The Analog Database is an archive consisting of personal files of everybody interviewed during my performance ”Your Application is Pending.” In the file I gather application forms and transcriptions of the content of their interview together with a small watercolor portrait. The file as identification, is the file not very useful, it is not informative nor very similar to the real person. It is rather an archive of pointless knowledge, dreams and memories of semi-fictive characters. For me, an archive is an image of a society that wants to control their citizens, with a need to order information and create systems. My files are like a shadow archive, a reflection of the bureaucratic labyrinths and the mechanical production of information. I also want to bring forth the aspect of labor and how we value an endless task without purpose. There are currently approximately 70 files in the Analog Database.

Thank you for coming to the opening of ‘Neverending Index’!

sorenson_2014_opening_ed varie_2I want to thank everyone who came out and made the opening of The Neverending Index, a selection of my ongoing work: Neverending Book at Ed Varie, so great! I had a lovely time! Thank you Karen, Courtney and Brian for making the gallery so great and thank you Conrad for all the beautiful pictures!

The show is up until May 4th and for you who want to swing by, I will be in the gallery April 20th when the magazine TUNICA launches their new issue, featuring an interview with me by the lovely Lia Forslund!

Opening tomorrow at Ed Varie!


Welcome the 10th, 6-9pm @ edvarie!!!

Neverending Index is a conceptual project that began in 2010 exploring the ideas of painting with water based media, collage, and text. The work explores a narrative that is more than an ordinary scrupulous examination of one’s consciousness but also a reflection of Sörenson’s process and the relationship between mediums. Her paintings are minimal and geometric but never rigid with freeform objects effortlessly floating, merging and sometimes imposing upon one another within their condensed space.

The impalpable elegance of the forms guide the viewer through a myriad of emotions while her transcendent use of watercolor are the legend to the landscape of the human condition: melancholia, hope, anxiety and loneliness, while maintaining a sense of equilibrium and fluidity within the confines of her paintings.

Sörenson received her BFA at Umeå University in Sweden and her MFA from Pratt Institute in New York. Her work has traveled the globe in select group and solo-exhibitions in Berlin, New York, Stockholm, and Umeå. She has been awarded numerous scholarships including the International and Fine Art scholarship from Pratt and a Fulbright scholarship. Sörenson just completed a post-masters program in Brussels; Neverending Index will be her second solo show with Ed.Varie. Anna Sörenson is based in Stockholm.

Neverending Index will be on view at Ed. Varie from April 10th through May 4th. For additional information, please contact the gallery director,

Skärmavbild 2014-04-09 kl. 17.11.01

John Cage’s Score- My Variations

Anna Sörenson_2014_J. Cage score_4 (3)Starting form John Cage score ”Fontana Mix” I created a series of variations of Cage four original drawings/ diagram. The line, the grid, the dots and a typographical drawing, very simple and beautiful.

This I made with a copy machine and pencils, three different kinds of paper, cut outs and tape.