Thank you ”Youme Haus” for the having me in the group show ”Double Take!”


I am so happy I was able to show ”The Analog Database” at Youme Haus in Williamsburg in April. ”The Analog Database” is the third part of my Department series.

The Analog Database is an archive consisting of personal files of everybody interviewed during my performance ”Your Application is Pending.” In the file I gather application forms and transcriptions of the content of their interview together with a small watercolor portrait. The file as identification, is the file not very useful, it is not informative nor very similar to the real person. It is rather an archive of pointless knowledge, dreams and memories of semi-fictive characters. For me, an archive is an image of a society that wants to control their citizens, with a need to order information and create systems. My files are like a shadow archive, a reflection of the bureaucratic labyrinths and the mechanical production of information. I also want to bring forth the aspect of labor and how we value an endless task without purpose. There are currently approximately 70 files in the Analog Database.

Thank you for coming to the opening of ‘Neverending Index’!

sorenson_2014_opening_ed varie_2I want to thank everyone who came out and made the opening of The Neverending Index, a selection of my ongoing work: Neverending Book at Ed Varie, so great! I had a lovely time! Thank you Karen, Courtney and Brian for making the gallery so great and thank you Conrad for all the beautiful pictures!

The show is up until May 4th and for you who want to swing by, I will be in the gallery April 20th when the magazine TUNICA launches their new issue, featuring an interview with me by the lovely Lia Forslund!

Opening tomorrow at Ed Varie!


Welcome the 10th, 6-9pm @ edvarie!!!

Neverending Index is a conceptual project that began in 2010 exploring the ideas of painting with water based media, collage, and text. The work explores a narrative that is more than an ordinary scrupulous examination of one’s consciousness but also a reflection of Sörenson’s process and the relationship between mediums. Her paintings are minimal and geometric but never rigid with freeform objects effortlessly floating, merging and sometimes imposing upon one another within their condensed space.

The impalpable elegance of the forms guide the viewer through a myriad of emotions while her transcendent use of watercolor are the legend to the landscape of the human condition: melancholia, hope, anxiety and loneliness, while maintaining a sense of equilibrium and fluidity within the confines of her paintings.

Sörenson received her BFA at Umeå University in Sweden and her MFA from Pratt Institute in New York. Her work has traveled the globe in select group and solo-exhibitions in Berlin, New York, Stockholm, and Umeå. She has been awarded numerous scholarships including the International and Fine Art scholarship from Pratt and a Fulbright scholarship. Sörenson just completed a post-masters program in Brussels; Neverending Index will be her second solo show with Ed.Varie. Anna Sörenson is based in Stockholm.

Neverending Index will be on view at Ed. Varie from April 10th through May 4th. For additional information, please contact the gallery director,

Skärmavbild 2014-04-09 kl. 17.11.01

John Cage’s Score- My Variations

Anna Sörenson_2014_J. Cage score_4 (3)Starting form John Cage score ”Fontana Mix” I created a series of variations of Cage four original drawings/ diagram. The line, the grid, the dots and a typographical drawing, very simple and beautiful.

This I made with a copy machine and pencils, three different kinds of paper, cut outs and tape.


‘Suitcase Paintings’ is going to Japan!


I am proud to announce that the catalog ”Suitcase Paintings” is now available at the Japanese on-line book store Vermikko Books. The catalog was made in Stockholm, in March 2013, together with the talented graphic designer and architect Christian Lindquist. We are thrilled that Vermikko Books likes our work!

If you are in New York during Christmas, drop by Ed Varie on the lower east side and pick up a copy of ”Garden Variety”, a lovely catalog produced for the New York Art Book Fair in September 2013. Ed Varie wanted to commemorate their greenhouse installation of the Plant/Book Store at MoMa PS1, and launched a special Ed. Varie publication of 36 artists work from around the globe. I am very happy to be a part of it!


IMG_7043The artist in ”Garden Variety”



Thank you Miami!

IMG_7023Manhattan based gallery Ed Varie invited me to take ”Your Application is Pending” to their beautiful exhibition ”PRESERVATION” during Miami Basel. As part of the ongoing dedication of Ed. Varie to integrate and motivate vast communities of artists, the exhibition ”PRESERVATION” seeked to conform to the given landscape of South Beach, not altering, but weaving itself into a pre-existing private residence. To create a stronger and more sincere bond between the contemporary art community and South Beach, private home and residence at 2120 Sunset Drive, Sunset Island #4 was graciously lent by 4th generation South Beach natives and South Beach Preservationists, the Robarts Family.

I was happy to be included in the group of amazing artists; Mark Delong, David Brandon Geeting, Priscilla Jeong, Bryan Krueger, Lee Maida, Jake McNulty, Evan Robarts, and Grant Willing. A big thank you to RAVA films that helped me with documentation, to Ed Varie who made everything happen and to everyone who participated and made the 3rd edition of ”Your Application is Pending” interesting and challenging.



Thank you Brussels!

Skärmavbild 2013-10-27 kl. 16.30.25

Thank you everyone who came to my performance ”Your Application is Pending”! It was great meeting all of you! Everyone who participated will be indexed in the ”Analog Database” and can expect a copy of their file before the end of the year. Thank you to the curators and co-performers Rut Karin Zettergren, Claire Serres, Anna Kinbom, Tom Hallet, Sonia Hedstrand, Choterina Freer. Also a big thanks to the Paulig Residence who hosted us to generously.

As the head of the Department I am also happy to announce our new language specialist, Mr. Conrad Boyd, who also assisted the whole performance! Thank you!

IMG_6699IMG_6697Skärmavbild 2013-10-27 kl. 16.35.04Skärmavbild 2013-10-27 kl. 16.38.39Skärmavbild 2013-10-27 kl. 17.15.26



Stand up and Perform!

Skärmavbild 2013-10-22 kl. 13.49.52

Welcome to Stand Up and Perform! a performance evening at the Paulig Residence with Swedish, Belgian, British and French artists.

LINE UP: Rut Karin Zettergren, Anna Sörenson, Claire Serres, Anna Kinbom, Tom Hallet, Sonia Hedstrand, Choterina Freer.
Saturday October 26, 6PM-10PM

Paulig Residence
Avenue Jean Volders 16, 3d floor

Välkomna! Welkom! Bienvenue!

The Analog Database

Dep. of Defense

Dep. of Defense

”The Analog Database” is an artwork mirroring a personal file system. Based on the piece “Genuine Government Issue”, the performance called “Your Application is Pending” is constructed upon my experience of governmental involvement in border control situations. The audience is able to apply for my own made-up Departments, followed by an interview for approval. I take on the role as “The Head of Department” and I investigate the absurdity of a questioning. I am interested in absurdity because it generates a cognitive creative process and reflects an existing system. Based on the information collected during the performance “Your Application is Pending”, “The Analog Database” was constructed. “The Analog Database” keeps on growing, for every person interviewed there is a personal file created.

In ”The Analog Database” I have created individual files based on everyone who I interviewed, to create an index of absurdity. The information in the files is more or less ”meaningless”, from an identification point of view; the identification “photo” is a watercolor portrait, small, blurry and not very exact and the information collected is all based on the fictional Departments. The name of every one who participated is in the file; so a tiny bit of information is true and has a foot in “reality.”



The Playlist

The text exists without being written. The text is a sound.

‘The Playlist’ is a series of fifteen watercolors with quotes from a personal playlist I was given which contained 15 different songs. I took a quote from each song and made a watercolor, set the font size and picked a color that related back to the content of the text and the feeling the song gave me. As a body of work they symbolize a relationship between the maker of the playlist and me, the person listening.

Taken out of their musical context they become individual statements but they also formed a new narrative with each other. Creating a story beyond the individual songs and their various messages. Can they be given a new melody? Can one sing a painting? What is the text without its music? Do we read the text out loud? Do we read it with melody or rhythm? Or are the worlds just hanging there on the paper without sound?

Every piece in the series has a footnote linking the text back to the original song, stating the artist or band as well as the order it holds in the playlist.