Rydh/Sörenson in Chevet Magazine

Solar Compression, 2016 – Versailles, France Photo: Clara Briceño

Now you can read my article ”Creating a Shift of Perception: Rydh/Sörenson on Olafur Eliasson” in Chevet Magazine.  I also present how Daniel Rydh and I created ”Light Reflecting”, a new fabric sculpture that glows in certain light.  Enjoy!

Light reflecting, 2017
Sculpture made of light reflecting fabric. Approximately 100 x 200 cm. By Rydh / Sörenson


Your Application is Pending, Helsinki

I am so happy to be invited with my performance piece ”Your Application is Pending” to Angakoq III, a performance festival,  18 March – 19 March 2017, at SIC in Helsinki. SIC is a space for contemporary arts in Helsinki and the performance festival will be in there second venue at Tyynenmerenkatu 6 C, 3rd floor, 00220 Helsinki.

Hosted by Maalarikissat (Linda and Aura)

La | Sat 18.3.2017, 18:00

Pive Toivonen ja Outi Korhonen
Rituaalitaidekollektiivi Wyrd
Antti Ahonen ja Siiri Nevalainen
Seppo Salminen
Totaalisen ilmaisunvapauden laitos

Su | Sun 19.3.2017, 16:00

Helsingin porvarit
Mai Sööt (EE)
Ramina Habibollah ja Ionas Laine
Anna Sörenson (SE)
Kansallisromantikot Piispanen & Jaakkola
Helinä Hukkataival

Apocalypse is open and running until February 5th!

Opening of ‘Apocalypse’, at 4516 N. Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles

We now have our exhibition ‘Apocalypse’ open at Ed Varie, Los Angeles, running through February 5th. Visiting address is 4516 N. Eagle Rock Blvd, LA, CA, 90041.  Gallery hours will be some weekends and also by appointment. For any additional information please contact the gallery, info@edvarie.com.

Apocalypse, opening the January 14th at Ed Varie, Los Angeles

Apocalypse, 2016, collage on paper, 56 x 42,5 cm

As an artist duo we create all the work together. Sometimes like a piano duo playing the same instrument at the same time, and sometimes assembling a suggestion for the other to revise, adjust or redo. The process is full of surprises and joy, resulting in a final state that we agree upon, and where we glue the image down. We call our method post-digital painting because even though the individual pieces are painted our composition process look much more how an artist would work in Photoshop; changing out a background, move an entire composition around and creating new layers. We are not only inspired by the digital as a method of working but it also inspires us visually; mixing video game aesthetics with glitches, abstract geometrical forms, pixel thin lines and high saturated colors.

We are pleased to present Apocalypse, an exhibition at Ed Varie, Los Angeles. Opening reception for Apocalypse, will be held Saturday January 14th, 6-9pm at the Los Angeles Ed. Varie location, 4516 1/2 N. Eagle Rock Blvd, LA, CA, one block north of York Blvd.

Upcoming show in LA and artist in residence in Cesis, Latvia

The Boss, 2016, collage on paper, 43 x 49 cm

The Boss, 2016, collage on paper, 43 x 49 cm

Rydh / Sörenson are proud to announce our upcoming show in Los Angels with Ed Varie, the 12th of January in Los Angeles!

We are also thrilled to be selected artists in residences at RUCKA, in Cesis, Latvia for the month of May!

New collage by Rydh/ Sörenson


Apple tree, 2016 Collage on paper, 129 x 97 cm

We are so proud to present a whole new collection of collage works! Follow us by subscribing to our newsletter and like our artist pages Anna and Daniel at Facebook!

Beginning of Time, 2016, Collage on paper, 53 x 50 cm

The Beginning of Time, 2016, Collage on paper, 53 x 50 cm

New Environmental Ephemerals from the Faroe Islands


Unspecified Floating Object, no 4, Tjørnuvik, 2016. Photo documentation of Environmental Ephemerals.

We create temporary installation in nature, a project we call ”Environmental Ephemerals”, as well as permanent installation both in commercial venues and public spaces. We seek out places that we want to explore, landscapes that holds an intriguing history and critical environment to develop our work. Our latest work where created in the Faroe Islands and if you want to see more about this project you find it in our drop down menu, or just email us!

Rydh /Sörenson in the Faroe Islands

rydh_sorenson_faroe islandsRydh/ Sörenson are visiting the beautiful Faroe Islands. We will be here for almost a month, filming, photographing and creating new artwork. We are located in Tjørnuvík, a very special bay with a village of only 50 inhabitants. The bay is surrounded by mountains, steep and lush with small waterfalls all over.  We have been climbing and walking up and down the mountains. We have found magical rocks, seen amazing, and terrifying clouds, been attached by seagulls and had multiple cases of vertigo, still so happy to be here, one of the most breathtaking places on earth.

We are also proud to announce that we will exhibit at the Nordic House in Tórshavn in September, 2017.

rydh_sorenson_färöarna_White Ballon

White Ballon, Faroe Islands, 2016. Documentation of Environmental Ephemerals.


Holographic Waterfall, Faroe Islands, 2016. Documentation of Environmental Ephemerals.


Study for Environmental Ephemerals.


Study for Environmental Ephemerals.


Study for Environmental Ephemerals.


Study for Environmental Ephemerals.


Study for Environmental Ephemerals.

I See Water

filmnewyorkLike explorers in the past, looking through their binoculars to discover new land, we composed our video “I See Water” to mimic the look of the two binocular peepholes. What does it mean to be a traveling artist and what is a traveling artist looking for?

Generations of artist before us that have traveled and studied their environment by painting it, drawing it and photograph it, to understand the where in the world we are, describing what they see and feel. A complicated task where the artist sometimes takes the role of an outsider or even worse; a colonial explorer calming what he see as his discovery.

When Rydh/Sörenson travels, we dwell in the landscape we are in; we talk about what we see, then, we look again. How can we really understand where we are? What are the specifics of this site, if we as artists work site specific?

The right part of the video is filmed in Washington State and the left part in Idaho during our travels in the USA.

”I See Water” was first showed at Beverly’s New York, curated by Ed Varie, as a one night only event during NADA artfair.

Rydh_Sörenson_Ed Varie